Amy Pugsley, MA

Amy Pugsley squareDirector of Quality and Compliance

As Director of Quality and Compliance, I’m responsible for planning, designing, directing, evaluating and communicating about RI International’s Quality Improvement and Compliance programs.

Prior to joining RI, I worked for Southwest Behavioral Health as the regional program director for Arizona, overseeing two outpatient clinics.  As an associate-licensed Behavioral Health Therapist in Washington State, I owned a private practice contracting for the state’s Children & Family Services Department as well as the Attorney General’s office.  Before that, I worked for Service Alternatives for WA Inc., as a program manager for in-home and group-home programs.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Central Washington University and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University in Seattle, WA.

I’m a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor for adults and youth, and am also a Love and Logic Parenting facilitator. I’ve trained 287 people in Mental Health First Aid and held 17 classes over the past 18 months.

I’ve provided Mental Health First Aid Instruction to a wide variety of participants including:

Mental Health First Aid trainees

In my role as a Mental Health First Aid instructor, I’ve worked specifically with several school districts including: Avondale, Agua Fria, West Mec and Glendale; in addition to facilitating onsite trainings for several organizations including: the Area Agency on Aging, Natalie House, Cambridge School of Nursing, and the Hyatt Regency – Phoenix.