Our Clinical Initiatives

RI is focused upon three primary clinical initiatives; Crisis Now, Peer 2.0 and Zero Suicide.


RII Crisis Now Logo Final 01122017_OLCrisis Now: Transforming Services is Within Our Reach  The Crisis Now report was produced by the Crisis Services Task Force of the The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.  This public-private partnership is advancing the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention by championing suicide prevention as a national priority, catalyzing efforts to implement high priority objectives of the National Strategy, and cultivating the resources needed to sustain progress.  RI International provides consulting to help organizations elevate their crisis services, utilizing the Crisis Now systemic approach.


RII-0020 PEER 2.0 Logo__A3Peer 2.0: Valuing Recovery The Peer 2.0 movement seeks a new clinical, measurement paradigm. Peer supports have long been recognized for their effectiveness and impact. The next generation of recovery is the measurement of outcomes. Peer 2.0 seeks to move from anecdotal reports to a proven framework grounded in research and outcomes.


PrintZero Suicide: Adopt the Mindset.  Change the World.  Zero Suicide is a global movement that has called upon and joined together suicide prevention experts from across the globe.  The result is continuous improvement and dissemination of tools and instructions for health care professionals, equipping them for effective and caring interactions with those experiencing the despair of suicidal thoughts.  The movement is based upon a foundational belief that suicide deaths are preventable.  Visit www.zerosuicide.org to learn more about the international Zero Suicide summits that join together top experts to research, evaluate and share prevention successes.