RI Logo Downloads & Brand Guide

ri-international-rebrandNews Media, Partners, and Team Members:

Please download our logos for your use. We’ve provided a brand guide to follow.

In most instances, place the RI International or the RI Business Unit logo in the upper left-hand corner of the document. If the communication is general in nature (pertaining to all RI International services) the RI International logo should be featured with the four business units referenced as in the first two examples below (rebrand-logos-v02.jpg and logo1 BW.jpg).

If the document’s purpose is specific to one of the business units, the business unit logo should be placed in the upper left corner, with the RI International logo located in the lower right-hand corner of the communication, captioned as follows: RI Crisis is a business unit of RI International, formerly known as Recovery Innovations.

Click on an image to view and save the logo as a full resolution JPEG.

For EPS, AI or PNG formats, please contact Carole Pfeil, Chief of Communications for RI International.

rebrand-logos-v02logo1 BW



















How to use (and how NOT to use) RI International’s logos:

RI Logo Usage Guide 111615

Click image to download and print RI International’s Logo Usage Guide


Matching Font to Logos:

Preferred Font: Verdana for Headers and 123Copy

Digital Font Color Matching: In your design program’s color selector, match font color to logo colors using the RGB, CMYK or HTML profiles below:

RI International

Purple  RGB: 75, 41, 66  |  CMYK: 0, 45, 12, 71  |  HTML: 4B2942  |  Pantone: PSC 5115 C

Yellow/Gold  RGB: 255, 161, 0  |  CMYK: 0, 37, 100, 0  |  HTML: FFA100  |  Pantone: PC 137 C

RI Crisis  RGB: 199, 91, 18  |  CMYK: 0, 54, 91, 22  |  HTML: C75B12  |  Pantone: PSC 471 C

RI Health  RGB: 42, 110, 187  |  CMYK: 78, 41, 0, 27  |  HTML: 2A6EBB  |  Pantone: PSC 7683 C

RI Recovery  RGB: 184, 139, 0  |  CMYK: 0, 24, 100, 28  |  HTML: B88B00 (zero, zero)  |  Pantone: PSC 111 C

RI Consulting  RGB: 66, 119, 48  |  CMYK: 45, 0, 60, 53  |  HTML: 427730  |  Pantone: PSU 364 U