Strategic Objectives

Cascading Strategic Objectives

Cascading Strategic Objectives

1. Healthcare Innovation: We’re putting the “innovate” back in Recovery Innovations with enhanced services in four primary areas. These key business lines target the central needs of our customers (state and county mental health authorities and health plans that fund our services and programs) with all programs hitting the “bull’s eye” (so that our services are indispensable to the fulfillment of our funders’ missions and responsibilities).

2. Employee Investment: RI is attracting the best talent and cultivating a highly confident, competent, and caring work force. Through our survey and dialogues, we’ve gained valuable insight to the needs of our employees. To help them thrive in their career, we’re co-creating a plan; implementing skill-building and professional development, greater two-way communications, consistent performance reviews, and leadership training.

Regional Directors' Retreat

Regional Directors’ Retreat

3. Solution Optimization: RI is going to leapfrog to best-in-class systems across the board, and anticipate and exceed the pace of future change. We’ve hit a point of growth that requires improved electronic systems so we can work and serve others more effectively. Solutions are being identified, prioritized, and implemented.

4. Strategic Expansion: RI is developing the business/program scale and capabilities to exceed the pace of current and future change related to healthcare and system reforms. Recovery Innovations has experienced rapid growth since its inception, and we’re riding a wave of growth again. Rather than taking on the cost and time to re-invent the wheel, we’re broadening our horizons by partnering with others who can help us offer even more effective and innovative healthcare services.