Advanced Peer Trainings

Advanced Peer Practices


RI International’s Advanced Peer Courses are trainings designed to increase personal and professional skills.  RI has developed these courses for over 15 years adapting to the fluid behavioral health field.

Separating these from the Peer 2.0 Program is the professional development goal of each training.  While building on current skills, these prepare the student for their next step in their professional lives.


The Advanced Peer Trainings were developed by subject matter experts in the field of peer services (all peers themselves) and are reviewed annually to ensure the student received the most current skills and knowledge base.

Below is a list of our current offerings.  To register for open classes now, click here.

  • Advanced Peer Practices
  • CPS Supervisor Training
  • Peer Group Facilitation
  • Recovery Coaching 101


All Advanced Peer Trainings require the student to have worked in the field, as a peer/recovery support specialist for at least 3 months.  Registration closes two weeks prior to the actual training date.


Students must have completed a peer/recovery support specialist training and be certified as a peer/recovery support specialist before attendance.  You will be asked to submit your certificate of training prior to beginning these courses.  If you do not submit your certificate of completion prior to attendance, you will be removed from the course and receive an email to submit your certificate.

Students who pay and enroll prior to RI International receiving your certificate may experience a delay of two weeks or more in refund of payment.


Students who successfully complete these courses will receive a certificate of completion.