Peer and Organizational Activation and Training

Peer and Organizational Activation and Training is part of RI Consulting, a business unit of RI International.

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Where Do We Train?

Our team’s intent is to spread the message of recovery worldwide by offering tools that you can easily use to promote recovery and resilience within your organization, with your staff, or within yourself.

We offer a wide variety of trainings, in topics ranging from whole health and wellness to certified training for future peer support specialists. We have developed these training opportunities within the recovery framework of RI International’s programs and services, and have taught most of them all across the United States and in other countries. We pride ourselves on serving the specific needs of agencies and organizations across the nation, and worldwide. Read more about how we got started.

Working together to support recovery and resilience.

From our pioneering Certified Peer Support Specialist Training, to our vast and diverse library of recovery-themed trainings and materials, to our consulting services, our team is happy to work with you on learning and growing the field of Peer Support and recovery! Graduates of our trainings have helped us  improve the quality of the material;  we strengthen our training curricula in terms of scope, relevance and practical application, each time we use them.

Recovery Trainings and Materials

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Certified Peer Support
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Additional Trainings for
Peer Support Specialists

Trainings for

Organizational Recovery and System Transformation

Trainings for Program
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Whole Health and

Online Training

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A learning laboratory for recovery.

Since Peer and Organizational Activation and Training is an integral part of RI International, we have a built-in laboratory to test our material in actual programs, before we offer it to others. This helps us make sure the material makes sense in practical use, and the knowledge and tools can be further used in ways that quickly promote learning and change.

Innovation and inspiration.

The trainings and materials listed on this site are what we actually use when we travel around the country helping others learn how to put recovery into practice. While some of our curricula are included with training only, a few of these materials can be purchased separately. Please download our Order Form for more information.

When you review our trainings and materials, please know that we can modify the content around your precise needs so we can help you reach your goals in the most efficient manner. Also, we are constantly creating new material, so if you don’t see what you need in the following class descriptions, we can create new materials that can be tailored to fit your unique situations.

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We’re making it easier to find peer support and recovery trainings!   We are in the process of moving our materials from an older web platform.
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