Certified Peer Support Specialist Training

Certified Peer Support Specialist TrainingOur Certified Peer Support Specialist Training (CPSS) is recognized around the world. To date, we have trained over 6,000 individuals worldwide. Our CPSS training is certified curriculum in several states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California – and is a preferred curriculum of the Veterans’ Administration in certifying Peer Support Specialists.

CPSS Training has been developed and updated through the years, to support individuals in developing a unique set of skills needed to work as a Peer Support Specialist.

Peer Support works: We are living proof!

With the largest peer workforce in the world (600+ and growing), RI International has been a recognized leader in the development of a sophisticated and effective peer support workforce. The core of this success is our signature CPSS Training (also known as Peer Employment Training). It is engaging and fun, challenging and transformative, holding the high expectation that people with significant challenges can overcome them and succeed at the highest level.

Peer Support with RI Consulting: What we bring to the table

The two-week (76-hour) interactive training focuses on:  1) Developing peer support skills for use in the workplace,  2) The exploration and development of personal recovery, and  3) Supporting individuals in recognizing their strengths, responsibilities and accountability as certified peers. A certificate is issued upon completion of the course. Training prerequisites include a High School Diploma or GED equivalent, and lived experience with recovery. For state certification in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, additional prerequisites may apply.

Where We Train: Certified Peer Support Specialist Training

RI Consulting offers Certified Peer Support Specialist Training (Peer Employment Training) in the states above, on a regular basis. Click on a state to view specific information.

CPSS Training for Veterans

Our training is a preferred curriculum of the Veterans’ Administration in certifying Peer Support Specialists. We have delivered CPSS to veterans throughout the country, to meet the specific needs of our veteran communities. Current and recent veteran CPSS training locations include St. Louis, Missouri; Long Beach and Oakland, California; Phoenix, Arizona; St. Paul, Minnesota; and other cities as requested.

CPSS Training in the Department of Corrections

RI Consulting has partnered with the State of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to create and implement Certified Peer Specialist training of inmates, to serve as support for their peers within the institutions. Summary: The project began in 2009, with the first group of Certified Peer Specialists trained in the Fall of 2010. Since then, inmates in over 20 prisons have been trained and some of those institutions have had double trainings to continue to build their peer workforce. The Certified Peer Specialists are working in all areas of the prisons including the infirmaries, psychiatric care units, gymnasiums, individual blocks and the Restricted Housing Units. We have also trained key staff in how to work with peers, and this has been a crucial step in the successful outcomes among the DOC populations. The goal, in the current phase three, is to complete trainings in all PA DOC Institutions. To date: 300+ inmates have been trained as Certified Peer Support Specialists. Among them, approximately 250 are actively working in their roles within the institutions.

Peer Support around the globe

Certified Peer Support Specialist Training has been adapted and delivered to meet the needs of growing peer support communities throughout the United States and in several countries, including: England, Scotland, Canada and New Zealand.

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