Training For Program Facilitators

Fotolia_-300x225Our Facilitator Training and Certification programs are designed to teach the skills and tools needed to promote the success of class participants.

Depending on the training, you will learn how to:

  • Organize, coordinate and administer the training program
  • Utilize adult learning principles in the delivery of the training
  • Demonstrate effective facilitation and presentation skills
  • Accommodate various learning styles to enhance skill comprehension.

facilitating learningLearn to deliver inspiring and transformative classes

Facilitating Learning is where it all begins! In a dynamic workshop format, participants will gain key adult-learning strategies to facilitate inspiring classes where learning and transformation can happen. This course is designed to help recovery and wellness facilitators bring their instructional delivery skills to an advanced level.

For more information about Facilitating Learning, click here.


A comprehensive Facilitator package:

For many of our facilitator classes, the trainee will receive a facilitator packet, including:

  • A Facilitator Guide
  • Training PowerPoints
  • Facilitator lesson plans
  • Class videos, and
  • Master copies of reproducible handouts.

For some of our classes, Facilitators will sign a Certification Agreement with RI Consulting that grants them permission to use the material in the way it was designed to be implemented.

Certified Facilitators are also offered the preferred discounted pricing on the purchase of workbooks and materials for their classes. Below are a few materials that have a Facilitator Certification component (please click on each course for more information).

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For facilitation materials  for our health and wellness program curricula, please visit Whole Health and Wellness for more information.