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News and Events: February/March 2016

A Word from Lisa St. George

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Our lived experience fuels our passion for the work we do supporting individuals in mental health systems worldwide. However, if we do not have proper and effective training, we likely will not have the tools to effectively work, share our story, or document. Every job needs training. Peer support is no different. Our growth and development as peer support workers depends on our ability to grow beyond our patient identity and develop into a strong compassionate and effective peer support worker. READ MORE

Product of the Month: Peer Employment Training (Certified Peer Support Specialist Training)

Certified Peer Support Specialist TrainingRI International is a recognized leader in the development of a sophisticated and effective peer support workforce. The core of this success is our signature CPSS Training (also known as Peer Employment Training). CPSS (PET) is certified Peer Support Training curriculum by several states across the country, the United Kingdom and New Zealand; and is the preferred training of the United States Veterans’ Administration.

The two-week (76-hour) interactive training focuses on: 1) Developing peer support skills for use in the workplace,  2) The exploration and development of personal recovery, and  3) Supporting individuals in recognizing their strengths, responsibilities and accountability as certified peers. Please visit our Peer Employment Training/Certified Peer Support Specialist Training page for more information.

Limited Offer: Order a CPSS Training by May 1, 2016 (to be facilitated during the time period of May 1-December 31, 2016) and receive 20% off the regular training price.* Please call toll free 866.481.5362 for details, and to schedule your training today! 

*For training that has a minimum class size of at least 15 students.

Upcoming Trainings

View Calendar buttonEach month finds the RI Consulting Training Team in different parts of the country, inspiring individuals and agencies using RI International’s approach to Peer Support, recovery and system transformation. Many of the trainings we offer are open-enrollment. Please click the link at right to view a Calendar of upcoming training opportunities in your area!

PA Corner

News from Pennsylvania

Mike Runningwolf, Master Facilitator

On February 5th, 2016, 20 graduates received their Certified Peer Support Specialist Certificates at Philhaven Behavioral Health in beautiful Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania! It was an amazing two weeks as the graduates learned new skills and worked hard to refine and polish their skills that they walked into class with! From role plays, homework, Personal Story Day to Ethics Day, and exams, they diligently worked to take on each new challenge and use them to make them highly trained and professional Certified Peer Specialists! READ MORE

CA Corner-01News from California

Tiffany Keeler, Employment Coordinator, CA Peer Personnel Training Project

Winter is over, and things are really heating up in California—and not just the weather!  RI Consulting’s CA Peer Personnel Project is heading into spring with an exciting line-up of classes and events.  First, if you are an administrator or supervisor in the mental health/recovery field, please consider joining us for the Northern CA Leadership and Recovery Practices Summit on April 28th in Fairfield, CA. READ MORE

AZ Corner-01News from Arizona

Vicki Rainey, Master Facilitator
I wanted to take a moment and share with all of you something that has been on my heart. I recently had an opportunity to facilitate Peer Employment Training class #127 here in Phoenix, AZ. Class #127! Can you imagine? That is approximately 2000 people who have gone through the Peer Employment Training just here in Arizona! We are, and have been, a source of huge transformation within the mental health system and much of this is due to bringing Certified Peer Support Specialists on board. READ MORE

Vets Corner-01RI Consulting was awarded a contract with the Veterans’ Administration to coordinate and facilitate Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) trainings for veterans, out of St. Louis, Missouri. RI Consulting is a certified vendor of CPS training for veterans across the United States.

If you are a Veteran who has graduated from RI Consulting’s Certified Peer Specialist Training and would like to share what you’re learning in the field of Peer Support, contact us by email or call toll free (866) 481.5362.

Health and Wellness

sunset-691848_1920Mindfulness and Meditation: TLC for Your Brain.  There aren’t too many times, during the course of a busy day, when we stop and remember to breathe. When I say that, I mean, we rarely remind ourselves to become physically aware of our positions in space, of the breath we take in and release… We rarely invite ourselves to mentally push all of the intense feelings and recent memories of the stressors we’ve encountered to the edges, and allow ourselves to just be in the moment. READ MORE


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