A Word from Lisa St. George

From the Monthly Newsletter of RI Consulting: Peer and Organizational Activation and Training

February/March 2016


Lisa St. George

Training is Necessary for Peer Support Workers

Our lived experience fuels our passion for the work we do supporting individuals in mental health systems worldwide. However, if we do not have proper and effective training, we likely will not have the tools to effectively work, share our story, or document. Every job needs training. Peer support is no different. Our growth and development as peer support workers depends on our ability to grow beyond our patient identity and develop into a strong compassionate and effective peer support worker.

It is not that our symptoms go away. We have become strong in the management of our symptoms so that we can quickly bounce back if we experience intense symptoms for a few days. One way to increase our skills of managing our wellness is by creating a Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP. Developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, WRAP helps us identify exactly what we feel like when the first speck of a symptom appears. In addition, it helps us to make a plan to manage our wellness every single day.

The WRAP is a powerful first step to develop strong peer support skills. Next, identify a training you want to take, identify how you will manage paying for the class if there is a cost for the training. Usually, there is a cost. As you prepare for class, some things to consider are that you will likely need to be up early for training. You may have to go to training multiple days in a row. If you are taking medication that causes deep sleep and slow morning wake-ups, you might think about taking that medication earlier in the evening. Talk to your doctor to get their input on how to manage any medication you are currently taking. You may want to take time to read and study about things that you find interesting. This step will strengthen your ability to retain information. You can do it! Over 7000 people worldwide have completed RI Consulting’s (formerly ROC) Certified Peer Support Specialist Training (PET).

Certified Peer Support Specialist Training

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This month, our Certified Peer Support Specialist training is our special feature. As an organization, we will deduct 20% of the cost for a training that has a minimum student count of each class of at least 15 students. This lowered cost will be available for a short time. If you book your training before May 1, 2016 for anytime between May 2016-December 2016, you will get the discount. So book now! What are you waiting for? Prices will not be this low again for a long time.

Remember, our Advance Peer Training remains online. We also have an additional training for individuals interested in working in the area of Vocational Peer Support.

Wishing a joyful spring full of flowers and hope!



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