IMG_0666-1024x768Peer and Organizational Activation and Training formed through the consistent demand for our world-renowned Certified Peer Support Specialist training (also known as Peer Employment Training) for individuals receiving services through our parent company, RI International. The training was developed out of RI International’s pioneering efforts and experiences with developing and sustaining a staff of Peer Support Specialists.

In 2007, we began to expand business throughout the Phoenix metro area and beyond, using our renowned Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) training to inspire transformation and recovery in organizations across Arizona, and then in organizations in states throughout the country. And while CPSS training remained our core and most frequently-trained curriculum, the need for additional, more advanced trainings grew out of the expanding skill sets of our staff and the needs of our clientele. Requests also began to come in from across the country, to share what we were learning and how to bring out transformation in agencies and organizations across the United States and overseas.

As of today, we have trained peers in the majority of states across the country, from California to Massachusetts, Minnesota to Louisiana. We’ve also trained peers in England, Scotland, New Zealand, and Canada. We have an extensive library of material that was created by staff and peer support specialists at RI International, based on our own experiences with recovery and peer support. We continue to develop new and innovative trainings & materials, adapting to the changing needs of the mental health field.


RI International and RI Consulting Headquarters (Phoenix Arizona)