PET (CPS) Post-Training Volunteer and Employment Study

As graduates of Peer Employment Training (also known as Certified Peer Specialist Training), we invite you take a few minutes to participate in our PET/CPS Post-Training Volunteer and Employment Study.

This study is an important tool in understanding areas of success and potential areas of improvement with Recovery Opportunity Center (now RI Consulting: Peer Support and Recovery Training)’s PET/CPS training. Your participation will help us take PET/CPS into new and exciting places in the years to come.

Individual responses and identities of respondents will remain anonymous in any and all publications and reports in which the resultant survey data is used. If you would prefer to complete this survey by hand, please click here to download and print or type into the survey questionnaire (scanned or typed survey responses can be returned to Please take the survey only once. While responses are voluntary, RI Consulting staff may follow up if responses are not completed by February 29, 2016.

To complete the survey, click on the link below:

 Peer Employment Training/Certified Peer Specialist Training
Post-Training Volunteer and Employment Study

Please click the “Show Results” button at the end of the questionnaire to submit your responses.

Thank you for your participation!