Where in the World is RI International?

REC-0003-RI-INTERNATIONAL-RGB-WEBWe’ve undergone an amazing transformation over the past year, and there is a reason we changed our name to RI International. We’re global from several perspectives; not only do we have 50+ programs in five states and abroad, but RI Consulting provides consultation and training in nearly every state as well as in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and throughout the United Kingdom.

Our Where in the World series highlights will help you keep tabs on our team as we travel the globe.

The RI International Travel Summary

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Where in the World is RI - Issue 2 ICON

Issue 2 – December 17, 2015

Where in the World is RI - Issue 1 ICON

Issue 1 – October 30, 2015