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Guest group area – Recovery Response Center (Fife, WA)

RI’s Crisis Services, (our fastest growing area with new programs in Arizona, California, Delaware, Texas and Washington State) will add new partnerships to enhance technologies and service lines to our existing array of Recovery Response Centers (Crisis Stabilization Programs), Evaluation & Treatment (Involuntary & Court-ordered Treatment), and Crisis Respites.

Living Room – Recovery Response Center (Fife, WA)

On December 8, 2014, RI International opened the Lakewood Recovery Pathway. It’s a 16-bed inpatient Evaluation and Treatment program, serving individuals with mental illness under 72-hour involuntary detention and/or 14-day commitment in accordance with the Washington State Involuntary Treatment Act, RCW 71.05. Great progress is being made by the RI Crisis team in partnership with Optum Health to bring the strongest possible recovery experience and healing space for individuals in crisis in Washington State. We’ve created a comfort room in the E&T for our guests, with recliners and very soft blankets. All steps are taken to foster an environment of recovery, empowerment and support. The strong nursing leadership, who direct the program, weave the recovery, clinical, and medical together. RI Crisis makes every effort to eliminate seclusion and restraint and to serve all people regardless of their level of acuity without resorting to violent interventions. We work to create an environment in which each person is treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. Peer-operated Living Room programs are crisis alternatives that ensure participants are paired with a team of Peer Support Specialists in recovery. Each guest is invited to complete a Telling My Own Story document as an alternative to the traditional psycho-social history, and to develop their own recovery plan.

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RI Crisis Locations


Peoria Recovery Response Center (RRC)  |  11361 N. 99th Avenue, Suite 402, Peoria, AZ 85345  |  Tel: 602-650-1212  |  Fax: 623-972-6173

Crisis Respite  |  11361 N. 99th Avenue, Suite 107, Peoria, AZ 85345  |  Tel: 602-636-4380


Riverside 24/7 Mental Health Urgent Care Center | 9890 County Farm Road, Building 2, Riverside, CA 92503  |  Tel: 951-509-2499

Palm Springs 24/7 Mental Health Urgent Care Center | 2500 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite A-4, Palm Springs, CA 92262 | Tel: 442-268-7000


Ellendale |  700 Main Street, Ellendale, DE 19941 (no mail service)  |  Please direct mail to: P.O. Box 12, Ellendale, DE 19941  |  Tel: 302-424-5669  |  Fax: 302-424-5661

Newark | 659 E. Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE 19713 | Tel: 302-318-6070 | Fax: 302-424-5661

North Carolina

Durham | 309 Crutchfield Street, Durham, NC 27704 |  Tel: 919-560-7305  |  Fax: 919-797-1962

Henderson |  300 Parkview Drive West, Henderson, NC 27536  |  Tel: 252-438-4145  |  Fax: 252-438-6405


Fife  |  2150 Freeman Road E, Fife, WA 98424  |  Tel: 253-942-5644  Fax: 253-235-5216

Recovery Pathways E & T  |  Recovery Pathways E&T  |  Lakewood, WA 98498  |  Tel: 253-584-2300  Fax: 253-582-2078  Recovery Pathways E&T is unable to accommodate walk-in services. For more information about walk-in crisis services in Pierce County, please contact the Recovery Response Center at 253-942-5644.

WA Recovery Support Line: 253-942-5655 (Toll free: 1-877-780-5222)