Crisis Training

Crisis Now Academy


RI’s comprehensive curriculum, created by peer support advocate and author, Lisa St. George, is based on the best practices toolkit provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and published as:  National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care, Best Practices Toolkit.  Lisa brought together subject matter experts from all domains of the behavioral health field including peers with lived experience, social services professionals, and medical experts in the recovery field.


Our workshops were developed by the members of the Crisis Now Academy faculty. The courses and are reviewed annually to ensure the student received the most current skills and knowledge base.

Our designers are building a program that that will allow attendees to take classes by module and on their own time.  Students will be able to enroll in the program, take the courses offered and, when all courses are completed, obtain a certificate of completion in crisis continuum of care training.


Below is a list of our current offerings.  To register for open classes now, click here.

  • Mobile Crisis Training for Peer Supporters – Currently open to state of Illinois providers only; more dates to follow.

Under Development, check back later for updates

  • Crisis Training for Peer Supporters Program (includes all classes)
  • Responsibilities of Crisis Service Peer Supporters
  • Am I Ready for Work in Crisis Services?
  • Why do People Seek Assistance in a Crisis Recovery Center?
  • Ethical Values of Crisis Peer Supporters
  • Understanding Mental Health, Substance Use and Co-occurring Challenges
  • Trauma Informed Care for Crisis Peer Supporters
  • Crisis Receiving Centers Training for Peer Supporters
  • Warm Line and Crisis Line Training for Peer Supporters
  • Staying Healthy as a Crisis Peer Supporter


There are no pre-requisites for these classes at this time.


Students who successfully complete the individual courses will receive a certificate of attendance.

Students who successfully complete the will receive a certificate of completion.