RI Health

RI Health

RI Health currently provides services including temporary and permanent housing, recovery education, and transition management programs; all areas of great strength for RI International. Our programs are focused on increasing education and employment opportunities, as well as assisting with short and longer-term housing to help ease our participants’ transition while integrating back into the community.

In addition, RI Health is in the process of adding clinical, medical, and routine primary care by creating fully-integrated health homes. We’re doing so to provide even more well-rounded services that strengthen our capabilities to support individuals at risk of suicide, co-occurring substance use disorder, and/or co-morbid serious medical conditions including diabetes, COPD and heart disease.

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Transitional and Permanent Housing Services

Community Building 

Through Community Building programs, housing is offered first, and wraparound services are provided to help the person maintain his or her housing. This model has demonstrated a high degree of success at getting people on the road to recovery and integrated more quickly into the community.

RI International’s Community Building program in Phoenix, Arizona, recently was reviewed by ADHS and was found to have met SAMHSA’s Evidence-Based Practice criteria. Read More


The Restart program provides recovery-based, short-term Targeted Care Management and engagement services for individuals 18 years of age and older with significant mental health and/or substance use challenges. The goal of the Restart program is to prevent, when possible, hospitalization and higher levels of care by rapidly getting to know the person’s needs and engaging in a voluntary recovery opportunity, and connecting people to community services and supports.

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Recovery Education Services

With a deliberate strategy of converting traditional treatment interventions to educational opportunities, RI International’s Recovery Education services have the objective of providing education to people who have had psychiatric experiences, their families, as well as the mental health provider community. The classes offered by trained peer facilitators help individuals develop skills and tools that can lead to success in all aspects of wellness and daily living.

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