Career Center FAQ

  • When are orientation sessions scheduled?
    Dates, times, frequency. – All orientations are now completed on an individual basis. We found that scheduling them in groups limited the opportunities for people to attend and then they would have to wait to enroll. We want to serve the individual in a more timely manner. The potential student needs to call our main number, 602.650.1212, and they will be connected with one of our employment/education staff to schedule the appointment.
  • Re your peer programs- recovery coaching and recovery teaching training- does a person have to complete RI International peer employment training as a prerequisite?
    Peer Employment Training (PET) is not a requirement for the other certificate programs. Each program (PET, Coaching and Teaching) leads to a certification as Peer Support Specialist. The advantage of the two longer programs is that the individual gets to practice their skills in an academic setting; some people are ready to take the two week training and begin work while others may need more time. The variety of education styles allows us to match the individual with the proper program. Each of the other certificate programs has semester-long courses that must be completed successfully as well as an internship. The Coaching and Teaching certificate programs can translate into college credits; it is always up to the receiving college to confirm the number of credits. We also accept prior academic credits; students can submit transcripts and the Education Director will review the syllabi and translate the appropriate course credits. I am attaching a current calendar catalog for your review. Please note that this catalog will change on August 1 of this year as the new calendar year begins.
  • Could you supply more info re tuition assistance- sources, applications, percentage awarded/percentage an individual would have to pay.
    As a licensed private vocational school, we are able to take a variety of funding; this includes, but is not limited to: 1) Voc Rehab, 2) Az@Work, 3) AWEE, 4) Private foundations, 5) Scholarships, 6) Private Pay and 7) VA funding. The financial information is in the catalog attached to this email.
  • I was told that a person could begin classes nearly any time since the courses are ongoing- could you elaborate and provide specific dates?
    We have “independent study” format that can be offered to individuals; this must be approved by the instructors and the Director of Education. Most classes begin and end on semester dates outlined in the catalog (attached). As with any post-secondary institution, exceptions can be made based on level of expertise, commitment and resources.
  • Do other institutions of higher education accept REC school courses for credit?
    As with all institutions of higher education, the decision of acceptance of other institutional courses is up to the receiving institution. REC can, and does, review other institutional credits and may, at the discretion of the Director of Education, accept incoming credits. The certificate courses are specialized to the Behavioral Health field and students may be required to take the courses to gain this unique knowledge base.