Transitional and Permanent Housing

Community Living/Community Building 

Through the Community Living and Community Building programs, housing is offered first, and wraparound services are provided to help the person maintain his or her housing. This model has demonstrated a high degree of success at getting people on the road to recovery and integrated more quickly into the community. Community Building Team Members are peers in active recovery from substance use, serious mental illness or both challenges. Team members are trained in housing as well as motivational interviewing, stages of change, relapse prevention, trauma informed care and introduction to fair housing, HQS and the landlord tenant act.

Arizona: Community Living  |  Tel: 602-650-1212  |  Fax: 602-636-5220  |  Administrator: Chris Bartz

North Carolina: Community Building  |  Tel: 252-321-0179  |  Fax: 252-321-0578  |  Administrator: Kim Talbot

Washington: Community Building  |  Tel: 253-235-5216  |  Fax: 253-944-1750  |  Administrator: Peggy Wuest


The Restart program provides recovery-based, short-term Targeted Care Management and engagement services for individuals 18 years of age and older with significant mental health and/or substance use challenges. The goal of the Restart program is to prevent, when possible, hospitalization and higher levels of care by rapidly getting to know the person’s needs and engaging in a voluntary recovery opportunity, and connecting people to community services and supports. Recovery Innovations has extensive experience operating similar programs around the country and has been a leader in the behavioral health field by the development and application of the best practices of no-force-first, trauma-informed care, peer support, and recovery outcomes.

Arizona Restart

Pathways Community – Tel: 602-297-0323  |  HOPE Community – Tel: 602-258-4646  |  Journey Community – Tel: 602-265-1118
Administrator: Patti Hart

Delaware Restart

Ellendale Community – Referral Tel: 302-424-5680  |  Referral Fax: 302-424-5681  |  Administrator: Tina Moyer

Wilmington Community – Referral Tel: 302-300-3111  |  Referral Fax: 302-691-5863  |  Administrator: Delilah Colon

Safe Haven Program

In partnership with Riverside County Department of Mental Health’s Homeless Housing Opportunity Providing Empowerment (HHOPE) programs, RI International – Riverside’s Safe Havens provide permanent housing to persons experiencing chronic homelessness and mental health challenges. Read more.