MOSAIC Supported Employment


Through multiple referring entities including the Regional Behavioral Health Authority, Vocational Rehabilitation Services and AZ@Work along with other foundations, grants and resources, the RI Career Center’s MOSAIC Employment program is built to assist the member through every phase of the career/education/employment experience.

Our employment coaches and specialists, career counselors and rehabilitation counselors help create a plan for success that suits you and your individual dreams. No matter your path:

  • Job Development
  • Job Training
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Career ladder
  • Career (Work) Exploration
  • Volunteering

We also offer:

  1. Employment preparation: resume/cover letter/reference letter writing, practicing application submitting (online and in person), interviewing skills training, computer job search
  2. Computer skills training: MS Office Suite products, electronic health records, keyboarding to increas typing speed and accuracy
  3. Vocational wellness: V-IMR – the Boston University vocational version of the evidence-based Illness Management and Recovery program. Offered in group and individual format
  4. Vocational Activity Profile – creating a complete overview of your vocational wants, desires and dreams
  5. 1:1 Career Counseling and Vocational Peer Support

Our team is comprised of Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Licensed Associate Counselors, Vocational Rehab Counselors, re-entry experts and peer support specialists.

Our employment coaches help you create an individualized service plan that meets your needs.

RI proudly serves Arizona Vocational Rehabilitation members through the Disability Related Employment Services contract.

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