Motivational Interviewing

Counselors, behavioral techs and peer support specialists employed at the RI Career Center are trained in the Motivational Interviewing, or MI, style of counseling. MI allows the support staff to take a different view of motivation, whether high or low, as not just a problem but as a fluid state that can be influenced positively or negatively by the support personnel. When a member feels the motivation come from within and not imposed externally, movement towards goals, not matter how complex, is owned by the individual and invokes less resistance. MI can be used in a variety of settings including mental health, substance use, health promotion and lifestyle change. Some elements of MI include:

  • Asking open-ended questions to keep a conversational approach which elicits information in a comfortable setting
  • Affirm the progress, stated or demonstrated, no matter how small
  • Rolling with resistance – respond without confrontation and understand that resistance is part of the change process
  • Summarize the conversation often so the member gets to hear his/her voice and can identify discrepancies in thought and action
  • Mutuality in the therapeutic relationship
  • Support self-efficacy

We offer training in Motivational Interviewing, through our certified trainer Michael Zeeb, upon request. Please contact Aaron Foster, Director of Education at (602) 636-4467 for further information or to schedule a training.

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