Recovery Education Services

With a deliberate strategy of converting traditional treatment interventions to educational opportunities, RI’s Recovery Education Services have the objective of providing education to people who have had psychiatric experiences, their families, as well as the mental health provider community. The classes offered by trained peer facilitators help individuals develop skills and tools that can lead to success in all aspects of wellness and daily living.

Recovery Education Center

Phoenix, Arizona
Administrator: Aaron Foster

The Recovery Education Center is licensed as a post-secondary vocational institution by the State of Arizona. Classes and workshops are offered to individuals enrolled in the Maricopa County RBHA / PNO case management in topics ranging from Recovery Coaching, Communication Skills, Grief and Loss, Eliminating Self-Defeating Behavior, Beyond the Border, Employment as a Means to Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Positive Parenting Workshop, Computer Connections and much more.
Read more about RI International’s Recovery Education Center in Phoenix.

For more information, call 602.650.1212.

Other Recovery Education Services

San Diego, California
Administrator: Judi Holder

RI-San Diego offers trained peer facilitators to lead recovery education classes that help people discover and utilize their strengths to advance their own wellness. Contact 858.274.4650 for information regarding RI classes offered in San Diego County. Read more about RI-San Diego’s Recovery Education Services.

New Zealand
Administrator: Andrew Lu

A unique and inspirational group, bringing RI International’s recovery message to the people of New Zealand. Several recovery education classes and trainings are available. Read more about RI-New Zealand’s Recovery Education Services.