Supported Employment

The Supported Employment model insists that the provider works with the person when the person is ready to work – not after assessments, not after evaluation, not after they have completed this or that! The services are offered in a safe environment and with minimal prerequisites.

  • Eligibility is based on consumer choice with “Zero Exclusion”.
  • Services are integrated with comprehensive mental health treatment.
  • Competitive employment is the goal.
  • Personalized benefits counseling is important
  • Job Search starts soon after consumers express interest in working.
  • Follow-along supports are continuous.
  • Consumer’s preferences are important.

We also offer:

  1. Employment preparation: resume/cover letter/reference letter writing, practicing application submitting (online and in person), interviewing skills training, computer job search
  2. Job development/placement
  3. Computer skills training: MS Office Suite products, electronic health records, keyboarding to increas typing speed and accuracy
  4. Vocational wellness: V-IMR – the Boston University vocational version of the evidence-based Illness Management and Recovery program. Offered in group and individual format
  5. Vocational Activity Profile – creating a complete overview of your vocational wants, desires and dreams
  6. 1:1 Career Counseling and Vocational Peer Support

Our team is comprised of Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Licensed Associate Counselors, Vocational Rehab Counselors, re-entry experts and peer support specialists.

Building careers and futures for our members; the RI Career Center!