The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership Council (DEILC), sponsored by the executive leadership team, adheres to their mission which states - "We value the uniqueness of those we encounter because we realize their differences in viewpoints, culture, experiences, and beliefs are critical to an inclusive environment where we all can thrive. We demonstrate inclusive behavior through client recovery, clinical best practices, and optimization of quality and compliance that encourages freedom of voice, ability to grow and a sense of belonging. RI, a global mental health recovery organization will continue to enhance an inclusive culture where being YOU matters." In an effort to align with their mission, the DEILC hold their core values of freedom of voice, equity, growth, and belonging in the forefront of all that they do to provide an environment where all staff and clients can thrive. Within the organization, the DEILC provides several opportunities for staff to contribute their differences in viewpoints, culture, experiences, and beliefs to ensure equitable practices. If you would like to become involved in the opportunities offered within DEILC, please reach out to