Our mission is to strengthen the living experience of recovery as a dynamic and central value in the day to day mission of RI International. Our work is integral to the effective implementation of the “Fusion Model,” which brings together the best of the Peer Recovery model and the Clinical/Medical Model. Our council is made up on peer leaders from across RI International. In the context of our council, “Peer” means having our own experiences of recovery from various challenges, which may include mental health challenges, substance use, trauma, homelessness, and/or other challenges commonly experienced by people receiving services at RI International. Most of us also have experience in supporting loved ones/family members on their journey of recovery. So we are “Peers” who draw on both our professional experience and our personal recovery experience to help lead and shape programs at RI International. We provide a “Peer perspective” in collaborative work with the RI Executive Team and Board of Directors that aims to continuously enhance the quality of RI’s services and contributions to the community. We seek to increase opportunities for people with living experience of recovery to have a voice and a role in the leadership at RI, both through direct leadership and indirect leadership. We support a culture of open communication by encouraging people in the RI community to ask questions, provide feedback, and share ideas.

Please email us at and introduce yourself, share your thoughts about RI and your ideas for increasing the voice and the role of peers in the leadership of our company.