RI Purchase of Partners in Recovery to Ensure Financial Stability, Enhance Quality of Care

two figuresLast week, RI International announced that it is now the sole member of Partners in Recovery, LLC, an Arizona-based behavioral services provider. Partners in Recovery is a joint venture formed in 2010 by RI International, Jewish Family and Children’s Services and Marc Community Resources, Inc. Partners in Recovery was formed to provide a recovery-oriented alternative to traditional case management and medical management services.

RI International is proud of the accomplishments made by Partners in Recovery over the past six years to serve thousands of Valley residents as part of the broader mental health network in Arizona. It has been one of many providers in our state that have stabilized and improved the mental health industry in Maricopa County and helped integrate it more effectively in the healthcare industry.

However, over the course of the past few months, ongoing discussions among the entity members of Partners in Recovery revealed concerns about the long-term fiscal health of the organization. Subsequent discussion resulted in RI International exercising a buy election in the organization’s documents that allows it to purchase the other entity members’ interests. Such provisions are common in the business structure of Limited Liability Companies in a wide spectrum of industries. As a result, in late October, RI International acted to become the sole owner of Partners in Recovery.

RI International took this step in order to ensure the financial stability of Partners in Recovery, as well as to prevent any potential service disruptions that might take place due to financial issues. Additionally, RI International wants to build upon the level of care already provided by Partners in Recovery to better support consumers and families in years to come.

So what does this mean for the Valley mental health community?

In the short term, for both consumers and employees, it should be business as usual at Partners in Recovery while any remaining legal and transactional issues are finalized. No significant staffing changes are planned at this time, and consumer care will not be changed nor interrupted.

In the long term, RI International will use its extensive experience and resources to enhance the level of care provided by Partners in Recovery. Specifically:

  • Partners in Recovery serves more than 6,000 individuals with serious mental illness by providing case management and medical support. It also has co-located routine primary care in six locations that span from Wickenburg and Peoria to Mesa and Chandler. These clinical management services are a core component of service, but require multiple adjunct services delivered by other agencies in order to fully support each individual and their unique needs.

partners in recovery campuses

By contrast, RI International delivers a broad array of supportive services — including sub-acute crisis inpatient care; 23-hour crisis stabilization; crisis respite; residential, individual and group counseling; peer supports and education; supportive housing and supportive employment — at sites in Peoria, central Phoenix and the East Valley. RI International, as sole owner of Partners in Recovery, can provide a full array of comprehensive and integrated care more efficiently than ever before.

So instead of the current piecemeal approach to serving individuals and families, these services will be better aligned through increased integration between RI International and Partners in Recovery. This opportunity has simply been missed previously, even when it was readily achievable.

  • RI International will infuse its extensive expertise in crisis care, suicide prevention, peer support and education and other related areas of expertise into Partners in Recovery’s course of care. It’s important to note that these are RI International’s core competencies, and while Partners in Recovery provided such services in concert with the other organizations involved, these areas are where RI International excels.
  • RI International’s expertise also extends to areas such as technology, compliance and quality assurance, and cost savings and efficiencies — areas that will lower costs while improving the overall customer experience for those in our care. This will include RI International and Partners in Recovery partnering together in discussions with the Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care health plan on how they can better support their population management/pay-for-value initiatives.

RI International appreciates the support from Jewish Family & Children’s Services and Marc Community Resources, Inc. in helping build Partners in Recovery and ensure it has a positive impact on thousands of consumers.

But the bottom line is, RI International’s sole ownership will lead to a more financially stable organization that enhances the quality of care it provides for Maricopa County residents well into the future.

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