Our Mission

To create opportunities and environments that empower people to recover, to succeed in accomplishing their goals, and to reconnect to themselves, others, and to meaning and purpose in life.

Service Values


There is hope for people with psychiatric symptoms or addiction to recover.


A commitment to effecting positive change in a supportive venture that uses each individual’s knowledge and experience to empower the recovery process.


Focusing on wellness will maximize the growth of hope, knowledge, skills, and supports, allowing each person to move forward in their recovery.

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility should be encouraged by recognizing that each person is responsible for his or her own recovery. Each person is the expert in their own life.

Community Focus

Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in community living including the development of multiple roles that create an identity greater than that of consumer; such as a student, worker, neighbor, friend, and one who can enjoy life.


Every person needs a sense of connectedness to the human community. Services should empower and educate, promoting the connection to self, others, the environment, and to meaning and purpose.

Organizational Values


A commitment to quality and excellence through a total quality management process that encourages improvement, learning, and growth through rigorous examination of our own performance.


An entrepreneurial spirit with the courage to be inventive and take the risk to create new solutions.


A friendly, customer service focus which is responsive and respectful to all.

Quality Team

A positive work environment that promotes teamwork and is designed to attract, recognize, and retain quality employees.

Cultural Competence

Excellence in all our activities by developing competence in cultural and other diversity.

Financial Stability

Long-term financial stability by developing diverse funding sources and efficient, cost-effective approaches that maximize the utilization of resources.