Crisis Support

Recovery Response Center West. With annual revenues of over $3.5 million, RRCW has 5,000 admissions annually. Although the Center serves as Title 36 screening agency for emergency involuntary hospitalization in Maricopa County, the goal of PRCW is to divert people from inpatient hospitalization and communicate the message of hope and the possibility of recovery. Since the implementation of a recovery mission, hospitalizations have decreased to the current rate of 4%.

Staffing is a full multi-disciplinary team; physicians, RNs, Community Support Specialists, Behavioral Health Technicians, and Peer Support Specialists. One-third of the people seen are brought by law enforcement and approximately 20% are involuntary. Three years ago Recovery Innovations of Arizona adopted the goal of eliminating seclusion and restraint; to serve all people regardless of their state of upset without resorting to violent interventions. This goal of zero restraint and seclusion has been fully realized. This has become our demonstration that the “impossible is possible” creating an environment in which each person is treated with respect, compassion, and dignity.

PRC-unitPeer operated Living Room programs are attached to the PRC. This concept, pioneered by Recovery Innovations of Arizona and now being emulated in other parts of the country, is a crisis alternative where people having a difficult time can become a guest where they receive comfort and hope from a team of Peer Support Specialists in recovery. Each guest is invited to complete the “Telling My Own Story” document as an alternative to a traditional Psycho-social History and to develop their own “Recovery Plan”.