Peer Community Connections

Peer Community Connection Team

1-on-1 Support in your home or in the community….

Your choices, your goals, your style, your pace


Sharing Hope can be as simple as one candle lighting another candle*

*(inspired by  James Keller)

Peer Community Connections Team is a program

especially for people who receive Non-Title 19 services in the Magellan SMI Program

Please see below for details or call 602-650-1212

Who we serve:

People wishing to have 1-1 support, either in their homes or out in the community, to…

  • build strengths, self-sufficiency, and success in daily living
  • become empowered and confident in “getting out into the community”

This program is specifically for people who have Non-Title 19 services in the Magellan SMI Program

What we do:

We are a team of Peer Recovery Coaches, each sharing our unique story of RECOVERY and HOPE in a way that inspires others in their personal growth and wellness.

We walk side by side with people as they embrace and create new opportunities and supports in their lives.

We partner with people on the goals they choose. Each person develops their own Personal Wellness Plan and takes the steering wheel of their unique recovery journey!

Examples of Goals/Activities People Work on with their Recovery Coach:

Developing a budget
Mastering public transportation
Making friends
Eating well and Learning about exercise
Developing coping tools and strong self-care skills
Exploring community resources (classes, meaningful activities, etc.)
Self-Advocacy with Health Care
Supporting individuals while they attend medical appointments
Increasing Independent Living Skills like cooking, grocery shopping, getting organized!

How to Get Started:

  • You or your Case Manager/Coordinator can fill out a Wellness City referral form (this may be found on the Newsletters and Calendars page) and send or fax it to the Recovery Connections Line (See info below). Check the boxes showing you receive SMI services and do not have AHCCCS Title 19 services. Please also check the box that says “Individual Services”
  • Along with your referral, ask your Case Manager/Coordinator to send a copy of your current Behavioral Health Assessment (Part B and E) & your current Individualized Service Plan (Part D)
  • If you want to learn more, please call the Recovery Connections Line & ask to be transferred to the “Peer Community Connections Team” (PCCT). Specify what part of the Valley you live in (East, Central, or West).

Recovery Connections Line Contact Info:

Phone (602) 650-1212     Fax 602-636-5219 ATTN: PCCT Referral
Address: 2701 N. 16th Street, Suite 316, Phoenix, AZ 85006 ATTN: PCCT Referral