Peer Support & Self Help

Recovery Connection Line

The Recovery Connection Line is RI’s main customer service number.  Team members are available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your recovery goals needs.  Please call anytime to learn more about our wide array of services across the United States.

The Recovery Connection Line can be reached by calling toll free: 1-866-481-5361 or if you’re local to the Phoenix area :  602-650-1212.

Recovery Response Center

The RRC provides short-term emergency crisis services for voluntary and involuntary adults located in Peoria.  Services provided include;  emergency counseling, nursing, psychiatric evaluation, outpatient and/or inpatient treatment, referrals to other community resources for ongoing recovery/sobriety services, and medication.

Wellness City

We have two Wellness Cities in Arizona, one in Mesa and the other in central Phoenix.  Wellness City provides an opportunity for individuals to further their recovery goals, including:  educational/social activities, individual and group peer support, physical fitness gym, guest speakers, and breakfast and lunch served daily.

Recovery Education Center

The Recovery Education Center offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for people in recovery.  Please join us for intelligent and caring discussions.  We have created a supportive environment where you can learn, meet positive-minded people, and design your own path to recovery.

Peer Employment Training (PET)

Peer Employment Training is an 80-hour educational course designed to prepare students for peer employment opportunities in the workforce.  Each student that graduates will be certified by the State of Arizona for employment as a Peer Support Specialist.  Orientation is scheduled every two weeks, and is a pre-requisite to the training class.  Please call the Recovery Connection Line for dates and times for orientation and the training itself.  You can also visit the PET Training page for more information.

Circle of Friends/Welcome Center

Circle of Friends provides a wide range of recreational and socialization activities throughout the Valley. Individuals actively participate in meaningful activities, create new friendships, build support networks, and learn about a wide range of community resources/supports to help further their own recovery.  Circle of Friends also provides activities and events designed specifically for young adults (transitional age youths).

Circle of Friends Team members also actively support the Recovery Innovations Welcome Center in welcoming individuals.  Tours and information regarding all Recovery Innovations services are offered daily.  Please call the Recovery Connection Line to schedule a tour.

Peer Recovery Team

The Peer Recovery Team provides individual and group peer support within Desert Vista Hospital (Mesa and Phoenix Annex) as well as one-to-one peer support in the community for individuals recently discharged from Desert Vista and the Recovery Innovations Recovery Response Center Peoria.  The Peer Recovery Team focuses on and supports each individual’s recovery/sobriety goals upon transition from the hospital to their own home.  The primary goal of the Peer Recovery Team is to provide support to individuals within their home environment/community so that they do not need to go back to the hospital.


Restart is a short-term transitional living program opportunity designed to support individuals leaving the hospital with nowhere to go.  All Restart referrals are coordinated through Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care.  Restart also provides an opportunity for individuals to make further progress with their recovery/sobriety goals.

Community Building

Offers supported housing, peer support, life skills, and recovery education.  Based on funding availability.

Wellness and Empowerment in Life and Living (WELL)

WELL is designed to assist individuals in enhancing their wellness skills and is a 32-hour program of classes facilitated by trained peers.  WELL is currently offered as part of our Jail Diversion services.