(Sticking Together and Never Doubting)

Recovery Innovations STAND (Sticking Together and Never Doubting)

STAND is dedicated to providing families and supporters with recovery orientated information that will increase their understanding of recovery and their ability to better support their loved one.  Designed especially for adult family members and supporters of individuals receiving mental health services, STAND provides rich and meaningful education and support.  For many people, “family of choice” is important.  STAND honors and respects that a person may call many people “family”.

STAND offers a wide variety of activities, including classes and workshops, support groups, dialogues, excursions and events, and one-to-one support in the home or community.  Families and supporters are encouraged to participate together in the activities at the STAND Center.

STAND is staffed with people who share lived family experience with loved ones who receive mental health services.  STAND staff is ready to inspire family members and supporters to reach new levels of self-transformation and skill building.

One-to-One Support

STAND staff provides a wide variety of individualized support services: at the STAND Center, out in the community, and in the home.  They focus on creating partnerships and providing information on educational opportunities.  When family members and supporters show that they are continually learning about themselves, strengthening their resilience, and living full lives, this inspires people around them to say, “If they can do it, so can I”.

Classes and Workshops

STAND classes and workshops focus on awareness of self, as well as awareness of the elements that promote resilience and relationship principles.  Together, we learn to challenge ourselves to increase our strengths to become excellent role models and the learn ways to inspire our loved ones to increase their strength and resilience.


STAND is a recovery-based program for families and supporters of individuals who receive

non-title 19, SMI services.

For More Information

For more information regarding STAND, please contact Gloriana Hunter at (602) 650-1212. Calendars may also be found in the tab Calendars and Newsletters!