Team Members

JudiHolder Judi Holder

Recovery Services Administrator, San Diego

In my years of work, I have had many interesting and enjoyable work experiences. I’ve delivered mail for the U.S. Postal Service in Dallas. I’ve managed a Chinese restaurant and made computer chips in Phoenix. I have even worked for a short time as a Sterilization Technician for an up-scale cosmetic dentistry office. While there were many aspects of each of those jobs that I enjoyed, I always felt something was missing. I hadn’t found where I fit. Read More

RobynKellyRobyn Kelley

Recovery Services Administrator, Riverside County

I am originally from Massachusetts. Growing up I have had various experiences that I would rather forget and in response, made choices that led me places that did not serve me well. I remember at times thinking “this is not who I am or who I am meant to be”, but not having the strength or belief in myself to make the changes required to turn things around. Then I was given an amazing gift; my daughter. Read More

April LangroApril Langro

Recovery Services Administrator, Contra Costa Wellness Centers

April serves as the Recovery Services Administrator of three Wellness Cities in Contra Costa County and is a trained Instructor for Therapeutic Options as well as ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). RI International affords April the opportunity to utilize her strengths in writing, redirecting behavior, providing quality care and support to clients, implementing change, training and empowering staff, and ultimately providing a safe and positive environment in which to grow. April has and will always operate through hard work, humor and a higher power. Read More. Read More

place-holderPeggy Wiley

CSU Riverside County