Team Members

JudiHolder Judi Holder

Recovery Services Administrator San Diego

In my years of work, I have had many interesting and enjoyable work experiences. I’ve delivered mail for the U.S. Postal Service in Dallas. I’ve managed a Chinese restaurant and made computer chips in Phoenix. I have even worked for a short time as a Sterilization Technician for an up-scale cosmetic dentistry office. While there were many aspects of each of those jobs that I enjoyed, I always felt something was missing. I hadn’t found where I fit. Read More

RobynKellyRobyn Kelley

Recovery Services Administrator Riverside County

I am originally from Massachusetts. Growing up I have had various experiences that I would rather forget and in response, made choices that led me places that did not serve me well. I remember at times thinking “this is not who I am or who I am meant to be”, but not having the strength or belief in myself to make the changes required to turn things around. Then I was given an amazing gift; my daughter. Read More

place-holderApril Langro

Recovery Services Administrator Contra Costa Wellness Centers

place-holderPeggy Wiley

CSU Riverside County