Judi Holder

JudiHolderFullRecovery Services Administrator
Recovery Innovations of California

In my years of work, I have had many interesting and enjoyable work experiences. I’ve delivered mail for the U.S. Postal Service in Dallas. I’ve managed a Chinese restaurant and made computer chips in Phoenix. I have even worked for a short time as a Sterilization Technician for an up-scale cosmetic dentistry office. While there were many aspects of each of those jobs that I enjoyed, I always felt something was missing. I hadn’t found where I fit.

That feeling was not new or unusual for me. My childhood years were punctuated with trauma, abuse, and neglect. Added to that was (concurrent or resulting) mental health challenges. I spent a very significant portion of my life feeling like an outsider, even in my own home. When I found myself unemployed in 2002, I came to Recovery Innovations and the Peer Employment Training program with nothing more than the hope of finding employment. What I found was hope and the realization that I truly fit somewhere.

I’ve been working for Recovery Innovations since 2002 when I began as a Peer Support Specialist in Arizona. It gives me great satisfaction to use my lived experience to bring hope to others. I have had the honor to work with so many wonderful people as well as contribute from my talents. It was wonderful to have the chance to use my writing skills and in 2007, I wrote Wellness and Empowerment in Life and Living (WELL) 4th edition. I’ve been so happy to grow in the company, now serving as a Recovery Services Administrator II in San Diego.

In California, I supervise several programs serving individuals throughout San Diego County. I am also a trained facilitator for the Peer Employment Training, the very training that helped me remember who I am. I get to use my skills and my passion for helping people find hope every day. I love my job!