Robyn Kelley

DSC_7454RobinKellyRecovery Services Administrator
Recovery Innovations Riverside, CA

I am originally from Massachusetts. Growing up I have had various experiences that I would rather forget and in response, made choices that led me places that did not serve me well. I remember at times thinking “this is not who I am or who I am meant to be”, but not having the strength or belief in myself to make the changes required to turn things around. Then I was given an amazing gift; my daughter. From the moment she came to be, I knew that I was obligated to make changes and give her the life she deserved. Eventually throughout my journey of recovery, I realized that I deserved it too. The first time I heard Recovery Innovations definition of recovery I connected to it immediately; “remembering who you are and using your strengths to become all you were meant to be”.

I obtained my Bachelors and Masters degrees from Suffolk University in Boston. Upon graduating, I worked for a company that provided substance abuse and prevention services within the Department of Correction. I began with a new contract facilitating release preparation workshops and providing reintegration services at several state facilities. During my employ, I held various positions and ended up overseeing several residential substance abuse programs and the release preparation services for the state in all 23 facilities. I transferred to Arizona to serve as the Program Director at a residential program for adolescents with substance abuse challenges in Phoenix. Due to changes in our economy I found myself seeking a new career path and it was at that time that I found Recovery Innovations.

I started working for Recovery Innovations in April 2008 as the Recovery Services Administrator II serving our northern Arizona contracts. In 2012, I transitioned to CA as the Administrator of our Riverside County programs. I am honored to be a part of “creating opportunities and environments that empower people to recover” as our mission statement says. I am constantly inspired by those we partner with and their willingness to let our team walk with them on their recovery journey. To provide services that empower and offer the hope and evidence that recovery is indeed possible is an amazing gift.