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The Mental Health Urgent Care provides individualized support for adults experiencing mental health challenges. Staffed by a competent, caring team, a safe, supportive, recovery-oriented environment is provided, with an emphasis placed on safety, the reduction of symptoms, and the creation of a plan for continuing support and services.


  • Provide 24 hour/7 days/365 urgent care mental health screening and assessment services and medications to address the needs of those in crisis in a safe, efficient, trauma-informed, and least-restrictive setting.
  • Provide timely transition (discharge) planning that includes the guest in the plan creation, to ensure individualized services and supports.The program offers a variety of services customized to the needs and preferences of guests, including; peer support, psychiatric and medication support, recovery education, nutritional education, health and recreation, community coordination and follow-up.

Who We Serve:

  • Guests who are 18 years old or older, within Riverside County, California, and are voluntarily seeking assistance in a crisis situation.
  • Guests able to walk-in, or to be referred by mobile crisis teams or law enforcement for crisis and assessment services.

Length of Stay

  • Needs and circumstances determine the length of time each guest spends at the Mental Health Urgent Care. Guest stays cannot exceed 23-hours, as mutually agreed upon with staff. Upon a guest’s arrival, we begin actively working on solutions. Guests may receive visitors, have access to a telephone, and will be invited and encouraged to participate in their individual service planning process.

Contact Us

2500 N Palm Canyon Dr., Suite A4, Palm Springs, CA 92262 |442-268-7000