Safe Haven Program

In partnership with Riverside County Department of Mental Health Homeless Housing Opportunity Providing Empowerment (HHOPE) programs, we provide our Safe Haven Services:

Permanent Housing

Our program offers residential support for up to 25 individuals who meet the criteria of chronic homelessness and also have mental health challenges. Individuals are referred into housing by the Full Service Partnership (FSP) and will receive their mental health services and support from FSP as well. Our team of Recovery Partners provide support of daily needs and development of life skills such as; meal planning / preparation, housekeeping, hygiene, communication skills and development in the area of being a good neighbor.

Welcome Center

Our Welcome Center provides peer to peer engagement and support, linkages to community resources and support with enrollment for mental health services. We also support the daily needs of guests including: food, showers, laundry facilities and a place to get out of the elements and engage in recovery conversations with others.

We understand that it is a significant life change to go from being chronically homeless to being comfortable living indoors.  We continue to build relationships with those in the welcome center and hold the hope that they will be inspired to take the next step of their journey towards housing when the time is right for them.