San Diego Peer Liaison Services

The Peer Liaison Services program of San Diego County assists people to advocate for their needs and rights by acting as a two-way conduit to gather and disseminate information between Mental Health System of Care and people receiving services and their families.

We provide hope, encouragement, information and connection to the community through county-wide neighborhood forums, focus groups, county meeting attendance, resources and our monthly newsletter.

Click here for community resources.

Peer Liaisons host many monthly area meetings, one large regional meeting and facilitate smaller interest groups at board and care, independent living, clubhouse, dual diagnosis, Short Term Acute Residential Treatment (START) crisis, psychiatric hospital, shelter and clinic facilities throughout the County of San Diego. Click here for monthly Peer Liaison meetings in San Diego County.

At these meetings, Peer Liaisons disseminate information and gather input and concerns from those receiving mental health services and their family members. Peer Liaisons carry community feedback to the County and gather information by attending up to 20 monthly meetings held by the County of San Diego Mental Health System of Care.

Your ideas, thoughts and words matter; come share them with your County Peer Liaisons.

For more information about the Peer Liaison Services program, please contact RI International at San Diego at 858.274.4650.