San Diego Peer Training & Employment

RI International believes that every person who wants to work can succeed in developing a meaningful career of their choice. Peers in the workforce help transform the mental health services delivery system with their unique skills and “been there” experience. RI International at San Diego trains and seeks to employ peers to work as recovery educators, peer counselors, recovery coaches, in-home crisis workers, and much more. We can help your agency make the step to incorporate peer support services into your system.

Those who wish to become Peer Support Specialists begin with an intensive 75-hour Peer Employment Training (PET) program that teaches people who have received services in the mental health system the skills and techniques of peer support. Students completing the class and passing the competency tests may be eligible to receive college credits, apply to become Certified Peer Support Specialists and may seek employment providing recovery education and peer support in various mental health programs. PET includes training in recovery and peer support principles, communication skills, cultural diversity, ethics and boundaries, substance abuse, trauma and resilience, conflict resolution, and much more. Click here for more information on the content of the training. It is a competency-based curriculum; students will demonstrate their proficiency in the skills they learn.

The course is offered several times a year with various class schedules. A participant must have a high school diploma or GED and complete a personal WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) in an RI International class setting. RI International at San Diego offers the WRAP classes throughout the County. WRAP classes are offered in the San Diego office, 3838 Camino del Rio North, Suite 380, San Diego, CA 92108, from 9a – 11a, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please call the office at 858.274.4650 for availability of WRAP classes throughout the community.

Employment Assistance

Graduates from the Peer Employment Training are eligible to receive job search assistance in the mental health field in various positions including peer support specialists, recovery educators, peer counselors, recovery coaches, peer liaisons to peer employment specialists. RI International at San Diego has an Employment Coordinator who partners with other community mental health agencies and assists apllicants with employment preparation including resume building, etc.

Please be aware, in order to work in the mental health field in California, sometimes a person must be able to pass a criminal background check with no felony convictions. Potential employers will conduct a background check before hiring.

Advanced Training

Advanced training opportunities provided in the following courses:

Empowering Success: For organizations and systems that employ or are interested in hiring Peer Support Specialists. This training provides information to further develop recovery culture in your mental health settings and what you can expect when you add peer support specialists to a team. This class will help your teams understand the gifts that peers bring to the teams they join and how to bring out the best contribution of a peer employee.

Employment as a Path to Recovery is a class designed to be used as a tool for exploration about work and the ways in which work can improve a person’s quality of life. The course provides an exploration of the varied definitions of work as well as the varied definitions of recovery. The course will provide an understanding of the important role employment can play in their recovery process, an opportunity to identify personal challenges associated with working, conflict resolution and anger management skill development, and the tools necessary to develop a Work Exploration Plan.