San Diego Recovery Education

Recovery Education Classes

RI International offers trained peer facilitators to lead recovery education classes at our San Diego location. These classes help people discover and utilize their strengths to advance their own wellness. These classes help develop skills and tools that can lead to success in all aspects of daily living. The following courses are available on a one-time or continuous basis. Contact us at 858.274.4650 for information regarding RI International classes offered in San Diego County.


Wellness Recovery Action Plan, a highly effective program created by Mary Ellen Copeland, is a strengths-based self-help tool that enables an individual to regain control of their life. Class participants can learn to identify warning signs and events that may lead to increased challenges with symptoms and the wellness tools that can overcome such challenges. WRAP is a 16-hour course. RI International WRAP facilitators are trained and certified through the Copeland Center to provide this Evidence Based Practice workshop.


Wellness and Empowerment in Life and Living is a 30-hour course that explores a wide range of life and community living skills. Some of the topics include: An Introduction to Recovery, Hope, Loneliness and Self-esteem, Conflict Resolution, Employment and Education, Substance Abuse, Budgeting, Relationships, Goal Setting, and Social Skills. The goal of WELL is to equip the individual for success in community living.

Medication for Success

This is a 16-hour course to teach people how to take responsibility for managing their medication and related issues. During the class, participants learn how to have a complete medication discussion with their prescriber, develop their own plan for medication management, and develop a plan for handling side effects.

Recovery. Transformation. Peer Support.

A lot of people are talking about them but does your organization really know what they are? Do you know how to implement them in your organization? RI International can help your organization with the transition to a recovery-based services system. From basic principles to implementation strategies, from consumers to frontline workers to top level administrators, RI International provides training and consultation to help you transform your organization to one that is driven by the goal of recovery.

For more information about RI International at San Diego, please call: 858.274.4650