Team Members

WH_thumbWillard Heuser

Recovery Services Administrator Restart – Delaware

Hello and thanks for taking a moment to let me tell you a bit about Willard. I completed my undergraduate education at Madison College, now James Madison University in Virginia with majors in Elementary Education, Library Science and Music Education. I started my career as a Media Specialist (Librarian) at JFK High School in Suffolk, Virginia and quickly decided that working in a school setting was not what I wanted to do. Read More

Delilah_thumbDelilah Colon

Recovery Services Administrator Restart: New Castle County

I am of Hispanic descent, born in Puerto Rico and raised in Delaware since 21 days old. My mother tells me often that I was ‘determined’ to be born early. I have been determined since…….At the age of 15, I began working at McDonaId’s and this is where I developed my customer service skills, greeting and meeting people. It was then that I noticed that my “smile” made people feel welcome. I knew then that I wanted to work with people. Read More

TinaMoyer_ThumbTina Moyer

Recovery Services Administrator
Restart: Kent/Sussex Counties

As far back as I can remember, I have always been a quiet person that watches and observes others. I have often found myself intrigued by watching others behavior, and the question “why?” that leads others to make certain decisions over other options. Despite this, I decided to pursue Accounting in college. While on my way into my 2nd year, I opted to take an elective in Abnormal Psychology. This was a deciding moment in my life, and where my journey truly began… Read More