Team Members

WH_thumbWillard Heuser

Regional Director – Delaware Outpatient Services

Hello and thanks for taking a moment to let me tell you a bit about Willard. I completed my undergraduate education at Madison College, now James Madison University in Virginia with majors in Elementary Education, Library Science and Music Education. I started my career as a Media Specialist (Librarian) at JFK High School in Suffolk, Virginia and quickly decided that working in a school setting was not what I wanted to do. Read More

Delilah_thumbDelilah Colon

Recovery Services Administrator Restart: New Castle County

I am of Hispanic descent, born in Puerto Rico and raised in Delaware since 21 days old. My mother tells me often that I was ‘determined’ to be born early. I have been determined since…….At the age of 15, I began working at McDonaId’s and this is where I developed my customer service skills, greeting and meeting people. It was then that I noticed that my “smile” made people feel welcome. I knew then that I wanted to work with people. Read More

TinaMoyer_ThumbTina Moyer

Recovery Services Administrator
Restart: Kent/Sussex Counties

As far back as I can remember, I have always been a quiet person that watches and observes others. I have often found myself intrigued by watching others behavior, and the question “why?” that leads others to make certain decisions over other options. Despite this, I decided to pursue Accounting in college. While on my way into my 2nd year, I opted to take an elective in Abnormal Psychology. This was a deciding moment in my life, and where my journey truly began… Read More

Purcell Dye, MA, CCDPPurcell Dye

Recovery Services Administrator II
Newark Recovery Response Center

Purcell has performed throughout multiple therapeutic and administrative settings within the outpatient community and inpatient psychiatric facilities throughout Delaware. Currently, Purcell is a Ph.D Candidate at Union Institute and University with a major focus in public policy and a dissertation emphasis that measures the impact of community mental health programs on ‘high frequency treatment utilizers’.
Read More

Arneice RitchieArneice Ritchie

Arneice strives to provide exceptional services to her clients through utilization of a holistic and person centered approach. The services that are provided are tailored to the needs of each client to create an approach that empowers each client to recognize the strength that they encompass to create change. The same approach is utilized to promote staff development through facilitation of clinical supervision and trainings.