Delilah Colon

DelilahColonPic2013_000Recovery Services Administrator
Restart – New Castle County

I am of Hispanic descent, born in Puerto Rico and raised in Delaware since 21 days old. My mother tells me often that I was ‘determined’ to be born early.

I have been determined since…….At the age of 15, I began working at McDonaId’s and this is where I developed my customer service skills, greeting and meeting people. It was then that I noticed that my “smile” made people feel welcome. I knew then that I wanted to work with people.

I graduated in 1992 from Alexis I. DuPont High School and was undecided about my career. Years of working in various positions and no fulfillment, I decided to go to college as an adult.

In 2003, I earned by Bachelor’s of Science in Human Service from Springfield College – School of Human Service. I began to do case management working with families and children at Wilmington Head Start, Inc. After graduating with my Bachelor’s, I obtained my Medical Assistant Diploma, in hope that this would be the area that I would pursue and enroll for my Nursing degree. That didn’t happen!!! In 2003, my husband, was injured and became severely depressed. I learned as much as I could about depression and how it affects the mind of individuals who are challenged with the diagnosis. I supported him along his journey. In 2004, I was diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Well, this was a time in my life that I held onto the strength that I knew I had in me to deal with my husband battling depression and my new diagnosis. I learned a lot through both of these two experiences and that was to hold onto HOPE. Unfortunately, in 2005, our marriage ended amicably and in 2007, he went home to be with his savior after a motorcycle accident.

In 2008, I enrolled at Springfield College- School of Human Service to obtain my Master’s in Human Service – Concentration in Mental Health Counseling. I gained such great experience in my internship at St. Paul’s Counseling under the direction of Sister Theresa M. Elitz, RN, LPCMH and supervised by Mariella Roberts, LPCMH. I worked with the Hispanic population during my internship. I graduated in August 2010 with my Master’s of Science. I am the first in the family to have obtained a Master’s Degree. It was a great accomplishment for me!!!

In June 2012, I found myself without a job for six months. I applied everywhere…..always holding onto HOPE through any challenge I am faced with in my journey. In November 2012, I received a call from Mr. Andre Haley scheduling an interview with Recovery Innovations. I remember interviewing for the Recovery Navigator position and Mr. Haley telling me that opportunities are available for growth within the agency as the plan is to continue to grow in the State of Delaware. I left thinking, “this is the job for me”.

In December 2012, I began to work for Recovery Innovations as a Recovery Navigator in the Restart program. I enjoyed working with our participants and meeting them where they are and offering support to make their own choices the entire time holding onto HOPE.

In September 2013, I was promoted to Recovery Service Administrator I for the Restart and Community Building program. I am elated to be working with an organization that meets people where they are and offers hope and choice as individuals recover in their journey.