Tina Moyer

TinaMoyerRecovery Services Administrator
Restart – Kent / Sussex Counties


As far back as I can remember, I have always been a quiet person that watches and observes others. I have often found myself intrigued by watching others behavior, and the question “why?” that leads others to make certain decisions over other options. Despite this, I decided to pursue Accounting in college.  While on my way into my 2nd year, I opted to take an elective in Abnormal Psychology.  This was a deciding moment in my life, and where my journey truly began…..

I graduated with a BA in Psychology from Wesley College, and went on to complete my MA in Psychology with a focus in Counseling from Washington College. Aside from internships at St. Jones Mental Health Center (now known as Dover Behavioral Health) and Appel and Wilson, LLC, I began my professional career in 2004 at Felton Group Home with Psychotherapeutic Services. While there, I met and was blessed to have known two incredible supervisors, Ralph and Ava, who mentored me to continue my growth in the field, and first taught me about the power of Hope. I continued to follow this path for  7 ½ years with Fellowship Health Resources as a Case Manager, Clinician, and Supervisor in the CCCP Program.

In October 2012, I took an opportunity to work with Recovery Innovations on their mission to give Delaware a different view of recovery. I have been given the opportunity to provide leadership to others that share my passion for the individuals that we serve, and to work side by side with them to provide support for those with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

My journey is not over, as I continue to look forward to my next chapter. I will continue on my journey to end the stigma of mental health and substance abuse, and to watch others succeed and move forward in their own journey in life. I hope to help others finds their meaning and purpose in life, as I have found mine!