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RI International Campus of Connection: The Bridge Center for Hope

Opening December 2020

RI’s Campus Of Connection will offer multiple services in one location to enhance immediate access to facility-based behavioral health crisis intervention and treatment that can serve as a center of excellence for the rest of the nation. This campus of connection supports the Crisis Now principles of ensuring that the level of care (LOC) is determined and services delivered by behavioral health professionals and peers resulting in a decreased need for the triage of those with behavioral health related crises in Emergency Departments and/or confined within the Parish Detention Center. We anticipate that this program will decrease unnecessary jail bookings and emergency department admissions by ensuring that those in a behavioral health crisis and in need of detoxification are provided an ease of access to compassionate professional behavioral health care and peer support. This campus will offer:

  1. Mobile Response Team providing 24/7 mobile support to those in a behavioral health and/or substance use crisis. RI will partner with the local Call Centers to respond to these calls in the community to provide ongoing support to individuals where they are at.
  2. Crisis Assessment Center which consists of a 23 hour Crisis Stabilization and Observation Unit and a Psychiatric Short Term Stay Unit. These units will provide high speed assessment, observation, engagement, and stabilization services. Every individual admitted will receive a variety of services and assessments by qualified clinical and medical professionals as well as ongoing peer support by certified peer support specialists. If an individual needs longer than 23 hours to stabilize from their current crisis situation they will continue their stay in the Psychiatric Short Term Stay unit where clinical, medical and peer support services continue to be provided and appropriate linkage to community resources is established.
  3. Detoxification Unit will offer short-term detoxification services for those individuals in need of more intense substance use support and monitoring. This level of detoxification is provided to individuals whose withdrawal symptoms require 24-hour inpatient care and medical monitoring. All services will be directed by an attending medical provider with the goal of safe withdrawal management and community reintegration post-discharge to support the individual in their recovery.
  4. Respite Unit will provide support to individuals that are in need of 24 hour support but do not meet the level that requires a locked unit with a variety of medical and clinical services as well. While in the Respite program individuals will work with peer support specialists to work through the challenges that they are experiencing and to assist with getting connected with appropriate services in the community to help them be successful in their goals. It will also serve as a step down from the Crisis Assessment Center and from detox services to allow more time to prepare for appropriate community transitions.
  5. Care Management Team will begin working with individuals while they are in the variety of other services offered above. They will collaborate with the individuals and the treatment team for appropriate discharge planning, help provide linkage to these services post-discharge and providing ongoing support to the individuals until they are established with their community resources.

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