Wellness Courses

WRAP, Wellness Recovery Action Plan:

Held Monday – Thursday, from 10am -12 pm, Level 4, Westfield Tower, Manukau Shopping Centre.

Also held every Tuesday, from 10 am -12pm at Pukekohe, in the Franklin’s The Centre (near the library).

In his class, people are held in a supportive environment where they can share and build relationships that promote recovery. The 5 keys concepts held in the class are Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self-Advocacy and Support. This class helps empower participants and provides validation and support for their recovery.

WELL, Wellness and Empowerment in Life and Living:

WELL is held every Monday – Thursday, from 1pm-3pm, Level 4, Westfield Tower, Manukau Shopping Centre.

Here, we address continuing wellness in all aspects of daily life. The class approaches the whole of the person; prompting mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual and general wellness. Strength and experiences are valued and used to succeed in recovery/wellness goals. The purpose of the class material is to encourage discussion of options and opportunities.

My Wellness, My doctor, and Me:

This class provides knowledge and tools to help participates become fully engaged in their own medication management. The goal is to help understand that each person has the right to fully and actively participate in their own recovery and health care. During the class each participant creates a Medication Side-Effect Tool, and another tool called; Preparing To Talk To Your Psychiatrist.

Transformational advocacy; Developing your system advocacy skills:

This training guides participants through the steps and skills of advocacy including; methods of managing conflict, team work, planning, and much more. This training assists those interested in becoming a system advocate and assists in developing skills including; communication, conflict management, team building and public speaking.

Advocacy for Positive Outcomes – Becoming a strong self-advocate:

Due to the stigma that surrounds mental health challenges (held by ourselves and by others) engaging in community activities and jobs can become difficult.  In this class we work with participants to provide tools for overcoming these challenges and to develop personal advocacy skills using class interaction, role plays and guided questions.