Team Members

KimChansen_000Kimberly Chansen

Recovery Services Administrator Durham

My journey has led me all over the US, from Michigan to California, from New Jersey to Massachusetts, and currently finds me in North Carolina. Durham started out as a compromise between the snowy northern winters where my family lives and the too-far-for-frequent-family-visits California sunshine, but I have come to really love the unhurried friendliness, the abundant and accessible nature, and the milder winters (with just enough snow for my six year old son to ride his sled a few times a year). I studied English, Sociology and Theology in college in Los Angeles and then received my Masters of Divinity from Boston University with a focus in counseling. During my studies in Boston, I was constantly struck by the disconnect between my coursework and the real lives of individuals in our community. Read More

Tammy Margeson, LCAS, CCS-ITammy Margeson

Recovery Service Administrator

I began working for RI, at the Recovery Response Center in Henderson NC, as a Shift Coordinator, and continued my educational pursuit. I received my post graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University, and am a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, and a Certified Clinical Supervisor Intern in the State of North Carolina. I have been an RI employee three times. Each time I left it was to pursue education and/or career advancement, but RI is an agency whose vision and ethics is close to my own, and that keeps drawing me back. Read More.

joy-brunson-nsubuga-thumbJoy Brunson Nsubuga

Recovery Services Administrator II – Durham, NC RRC

In Joy’s career, she has worked in outpatient, inpatient, substance abuse, and mental health settings before joining RI International 4 years ago. Joy is active in her community and serves on several committees in leadership roles including North Carolina Association for Marriage and Family Therapy as the Professional Practice board chair. Read More.