Outreach Program

RI International Outreach Program team

Members of the Outreach Program team (RI International – North Carolina)

The Outreach Program began in 2010 to bring the concepts of Recovery and Hope to the 17 other counties our funder served, but which did not have Wellness Cities.

The idea was that we would be a “Wellness City Without Walls” and bring the same curriculum offered in the Wellness Cities to the people that live in areas without access to public transportation or even to local health providers. We provide WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), WELL (Wellness and Empowerment for Life and Living), My Wellness, My Doctor and Me, and Healthy Boundaries classes – as well as a variety of other classes to assist people on their recovery journey. We wanted to extend opportunities and environments for recovery to people who live in rural communities.

Outreach started with one part-time Outreach Coordinator, and over time grew to a team of:

  • One Team Leader
  • 3 full-time Outreach Coordinators
  • 4 part-time NCPSS/Recovery Education Facilitators

The Outreach Team covers 19 Counties – which is an area of about 11,579 square miles.

Our Marketing efforts and classes find us crisscrossing the coastal plains that fall within four corners of our Eastern North Carolina world. We are meeting and connecting people to Recovery Education, from Historic Jackson in Northampton County to the quiet Virginia border of Moyock in Currituck County, down along the glistening shores of the Outer Banks in Dare County and amid the dunes of Hyde County’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore, to the green fields of Trenton in Jones County.

In “meeting people where they are” – literally – the Outreach Team brings the hopeful message that recovery is real and possible for everyone.