Recovery Response Center – Five County

The Recovery Response Center serves residents of Vance, Franklin, Warren, Granville and Halifax counties. Staffed with a team that includes physicians, nurses, mental health professionals and peer support specialists, the Recovery Response Center offers a “Living Room” crisis alternative recovery environment that supports the values of hope, choice and empowerment from the onset of a person’s entry into the program. The Recovery Response Center provides 24 hour, 7 day a week support that looks and feels more like a “home” than a clinical setting and has the capacity to respond to individuals voluntarily seeking assistance as well as accepting individuals under petition for involuntary commitment.
Utilizing Peer Support Specialists, guests have the opportunity to learn alongside employees that have also had similar life experiences. People are offered a mix of classes and other supports in a “no force first” environment that incorporates the five Recovery Pathways of Hope, Choice, Empowerment, Recovery Culture and Spirituality while supporting the person through their current situation. Each guest is invited to make decisions and choices that they believe will foster their recovery.

Following a brief stay at the Recovery Response Center, each guest will return to their home. The Recovery Response Center coordinates with the clinical home provider and other involved providers to establish follow-up appointments and ongoing support services.

The Recovery Response Center is available:

Recovery Response Center –
RI North Carolina Five County
300 Parkview Drive West
Henderson, NC 27536

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