Peer Bridger Program

Mt Rainier and Steilacoom Lake, Pierce County, WA

Mt Rainier and Steilacoom Lake, Pierce County, WA

What is the Peer Bridger Program?

The Peer Bridger Program is a community/home-based outreach service which is designed to be short term community support for Pierce County residents (over 18 years of age). This program provides services to individuals to support their recovery as they transition from inpatient services back into the community. All services are provided under the direction of an MHP (Mental Health Professionals) and include Recovery Navigators and Peer Recovery Coaches. The Peer Bridger Program services are based in recovery principles and focus on the values of hope, choice, empowerment, and wellness.

The RI Peer Bridger Program is licensed by Washington State to provide Outpatient Mental Health Services

What are the benefits of peer support?

“Peers” are people who have lived experience of recovery and have developed the tools and skills for wellness. They are living examples of recovery and, for this reason, are employed throughout Recovery Innovations programs. They are evidence of hope and are a great source of support and encouragement for others. Because of their own experience, they have a unique understanding of the challenges of receiving services and recovery. The staff, inclusive of Peer Recovery Coaches, you will meet have completed extensive training and are skilled in providing recovery education and peer support.


Recovery Support Line: 877-780-5222 (hours 3-11 PM)

Crisis Line: 800-576-7764

If you, or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis please call:
The mobile outreach team at: 253-798-2709

Or go to the Recovery Response Center:

2150 Freeman Rd E, Fife, WA, 98424