Paul Galdys, MBA, CPRP, Deputy CEO

paul-squarePaul Galdys, MBA, CPRP, joined RI International as Deputy CEO in June of 2017. Prior to joining RI, Galdys served as an Assistant Director at AHCCCS (Arizona’s Medicaid agency) in support of $12 billion in health care service delivery annually. His AHCCCS Division of Health Care Advocacy and Advancement included the Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA) and the Office of Human Rights.

Prior to joining AHCCCS, Galdys was the Assistant Director of Behavioral Health Services for the Arizona Department of Health Services; leading the operations division that included OIFA, System of Care, Network Management, Business Information Systems and Workforce Development teams. Galdys was instrumental in overseeing Arizona’s behavioral health and acute care service delivery system integration implementation for Medicaid enrolled individuals with a serious mental illness (SMI) statewide and the operations efforts for the administration of $1.8 billion in annual behavioral health revenue from State, County, SAMHSA grant and Medicaid funding streams.

From 1998 to 2014 Galdys worked for Maricopa County’s Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) in a multitude of roles that included direct service provider, Team Lead and Learning Manager responsible for redesigning the new employee orientation into a fully integrated learning experience with a formal mentoring program. He was promoted to Senior Director of Adult Services in 2010 with responsibility for key elements of central Arizona’s publicly funded behavioral health system that incorporated 17 assertive community treatment (ACT) teams, a robust crisis system, jail diversion programs, court advocacy and efforts to integrate behavioral and physical healthcare through multiple on-site primary care offices developed within existing behavioral health clinics.

Galdys earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix and also holds a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner credential (CPRP) from the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.

Why do you work for RI?

“I strongly believe in the importance of data and the use of technology to improve health care. However, even the best of resources will often fall short without the inclusion of peer support throughout the service delivery system. RI International is known as a leader in crisis and peer services, and is an analytics innovator; recently launching CrisisTech360 –an electronic bulletin board -replacing white boards with high-tech data capture, dashboards and reliable reports. RI is a future-forward organization that is making a difference for the people they serve and I’m excited to have joined this team.” — Paul Galdys