Peer 2.0 Workshops

RI International Peer Powered


RI International’s unique post-certification program takes peer skills to the next level.  These workshops are designed to advance the skills you learned in your peer support certification program and bring them to the next level.  Each workshop is facilitated, online, by one of our Recovery Educators (peers who have years of experience in the field and are trained to provide master trainings to other peers).  These workshops combine skill building exercises and role plays in a collaborative classroom setting where learning is organic and the student leaves with a deeper level of how to provide skilled peer practices to the people they serve.


Our workshops were developed by the RI Peer Leadership Council members and are reviewed annually to ensure the student received the most current skills and knowledge base.

Below is a list of our current offerings.  To register for open classes now, click here.

Peer 2.0 – Ethics & Safety
Peer 2.0 – Health & Wellness in the Workplace
Peer 2.0 – Language & Boundaries
Peer 2.0 – Recovery Environments
Peer 2.0 – Supporting People in Challenging Situations
Peer 2.0 – Wellness Planning


All Advanced Peer Trainings require the student to have worked in the field, as a peer/recovery support specialist for at least 3 months.  Registration closes two weeks prior to the actual training date.


Students are encouraged to have completed a peer/recovery support specialist training and be certified as a peer/recovery support specialist before attendance.


Students who successfully complete these courses will receive a certificate of attendance