RI Recovery

Wellness Cities and Peer Support Services


RI San Diego Peer Liaison Team

The RI model has had a global impact on the mental health field serving as a demonstration that recovery from mental illness and/or addiction is possible.

Using principles and practices that create recovery opportunities, RI International offers Wellness Cities in multiple locations in five states, providing individual and group peer support, physical fitness gyms, and education and socialization programs. We’re currently expanding our Peer Bridger/Navigator opportunities to ensure successful community transition of our participants (diverting from inpatient hospitalization and re-admission). We’re placing an emphasis on demonstrating measurably both the recovery and cost-savings benefits of these programs.

Wellness Cities

Wellness City is founded on the recovery principles of hope, personal choice, empowerment, development of an environment of wellness and independence, and the encouragement of spirituality and community enriched by contribution. Wellness City is a community made up of individuals embarking on or expanding their recovery journey. A staff of well-trained peers who have experienced their own recovery challenges and successes share what they have learned and work alongside practitioners and educators who are committed to the founding principles of the recovery community. The citizens of Wellness City who are beginning their recovery journey will learn to identify personal strengths and challenges and will develop personalized plans that incorporate life experiences, newly learned skills and goals and dreams for the future. Read more about RI International’s Wellness Cities.

Peer Support Services

At RI International we have seen the power of the peer experience, and rely on a workforce of Peer Support Specialists who transform their past experiences into healing for others. The use of Peer Support Specialists has been the most significant factor in moving recovery forward in individual lives as well as within our organization and the service system. Peer Support Specialists are employed at RI International’s service sites and programs across the country. Read more about RI International’s Peer Support Services and Programs.

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Based in Riverside, California, the Art Works program opens its doors to people from all walks of life, whose lives have been touched by mental health challenges and recovery. Featuring a gallery space and classes that are free of cost to participating artists, Art Works reaches people wherever they are in their recovery process, and assists them in the transformative process that emerges through creative expression. Read more about RI International’s Art Works program.